Digital inclusion

Millions of people throughout the UK now take the use of the internet as part of normal everyday life. And the government’s ‘digital by default’ policy means that more and more people will be expected to go online to access services and benefits they may be entitled to.

There are over 5 million people in later life who have never accessed the internet, and many more do not use it to it’s full potential.

There are about 1 in 5 people in Northumberland who don’t go online.

The benefits to all are enormous –

Digital inclusion is not just for the young !!




Why would I want to use a computer ?

Stay in touch with family and friends throughout the region or even another part of the world.

Maintain an independent life.

Research a family tree.

Check out clubs, hobbies & events available in your area.

Shop online & get it delivered direct to your door.

Access or just research financial products, save money.

Book a last minute break at a low price. Plus many more

I do not have a computer so why learn ?

You do not need one, as the digital volunteers provide support locally and will normally have access to computers for you to use

There are an increasing number of public access computer’s available throughout Northumberland for free use e.g Libraries,Post offices & Cafe’s.

There are more than just personal computers (PC’s) for you to use & gain access to the internet on these days such as laptops, mobile phones, computer tablets, smart TV’s. and more.

I have heard that to own a computer and to have broadband is very expensive.

Try a ‘computer’ on one of our free courses before you buy ?

The cost of computers / tablets /smart mobile phones have come down a lot recently, if you decide to buy one consider what you need to use it for, why buy top of the range when a basic device will do ?

Free internet connections (WIFI) are now available in a lot of communities, (e.g Village halls/cafes/pubs etc)

There are various contracts or pay as you go schemes if you would like this at home or your mobile device, See details of price comparison sites – Click here  

I am too old to learn !!

You are never too old to learn, our oldest client so far in Northumberland is 95 yrs old, and loved every second of using a computer.

*The service is provided to anyone irrespective of their age.*

The use of computers is something new for the young people.

(Did you know that the 1st online purchase was made in 1984 by a Gateshead pensioner – Click here )

I like to use a pen to write & read paper books!!

Fine, digital skills just give you the option to use something else at a time that benefits you.


Digital Inclusion gives everyone an option
Digital Inclusion gives everyone an option

I don’t know anything about computers

Great, let us show you from the start, all volunteers will explain in a jargon free & friendly way all you need to know.

There is too much to learn about.

No one can keep up with all the changes in life generally, just use the skills that you need for your lifestyle and you will notice a real positive difference.

Is the Internet safe ?

Like everything in life there are risks, but our volunteers will show you how to stay safe online.

Check out our Internet safety section – Click here

Our twitter account is updated every day, often with latest news & tips on this subject,you can view the twitter feed on our website.

Why is the training free ?

As it is provided in your community by local volunteers & they are supported by NCDN area co-ordinators.

You will not have to travel far to get the training, we obviously can not provide it everywhere but will try hard to make it as easy as possible.

(At a time & location convenient to you & the digital volunteers)

Our Volunteers can not provide training in clients homes, if a client is housebound our area co-ordinators will try to assist by working with other agencies e.g Carers Northumberland

I want to support local business.

The internet allows you to do this, as many Northumberland business now offer online services, but also allows you the option of buying or communicating with business anywhere. There is additional legal protection available for those buying online.

(Why should my business go online Click here)

I run a business in Northumberland, Can I assist ?

Any assistance will be gratefully received, such as allowing your premises to be used for training or you / your staff helping our volunteers.

If you would like to ‘go online’  or know of someone who may be interested you can get in touch with NCDN to organise a session. Contact details – Click here

We would also love to hear from you if you’d be prepared to volunteer your time to support other people to get online. Volunteer information – Click here

Please check out additional information regarding digital inclusion projects