Never too late to go online


You may think you or someone you know is too old to go online.

But –

There are lots of ways of getting older people interested including:
• Online basics to introduce new users
• Using  Skype and social media to stay in touch with friends and family
• Digital photography
• Writing for local online newsletters
• Taking part in online campaigns and discussions
• Shopping and paying bills securely
• Exploring local and family history
• Making sure that personal IT equipment is running well and safely
• Making choices about which software to use

Our volunteers have helped many local people to go online, several were over 90 yrs old !

We hold local sessions which are conducted on a one to one or small group basis.

They are carried out in a friendly, patient & supportive way, you don’t even have  to know how to turn a computer on.

And it is all ‘free’ of charge.

So you are never too late to go online with help from NCDN

Check out even more information about our ‘Money go round project ‘ launched in late 2013 – Working with partners to support over 65 yr olds in Northumberland – Click here