Digital Volunteers

Thanks to our star digital volunteers !

What do digital volunteers do?

1.Inspire people who don’t know about the benefits of the Internet to give it a try.

2. Help them with an online course

3.Help these people to get set up with IT, including telling them about accessibility features.

Generally helping them with gaining digital skills.

What are basic digital skills ?

Send & receive e mails, use a search engine, browse the internet.

Fill out an online application form. e.g job applications, make a booking or purchase.

Identify & delete spam, evaluate which websites to trust, set privacy settings.

What skills and personal qualities should digital volunteers have?

Being a digital volunteer can be really easy and a great experience.

It helps if you: –

•Have basic computer skills (e.g. be able to turn a PC on, use a mouse, connect to the Internet)

•Are confident using the Internet and enthusiastic about the things that the Internet can do

•Can get to know people in order to understand their interests and motivations

•Have the patience to support people who are learning something new

•Are interested in working with other digital volunteers in your community.

Where can digital volunteers get more support?

Northumberland Community Development Network works with partners to recruit and support local digital volunteers.

NCDN acts as the host to support volunteers right across the county and runs regular support sessions to help volunteers to get on with the job of supporting people who are not yet online.

How do the volunteers work with clients.

We appreciate the support given by the volunteers.

The link is operated locally on either a one to one basis or in a small group.

It must be remembered that volunteers have their own lives to lead & at times may have to change arrangements made with clients.

It is preferred that the clients & volunteers meet in a mutually convenient location and not normally at the clients home.(for a variety of reasons).

It is appreciated that in a few situations the client may not be able to meet a volunteer at such a location i.e Housebound, rather than just for convenience.

Numerous handy local venues have been identified for such purposes, and we are grateful to the providers.

The time volunteers spend offering digital support will normally be limited to one hour per session, and can not be expected to conduct other tasks around the house etc.

The number of support sessions will depend upon how much assistance each client needs to be confident in basic computer skills. normally five sessions would be sufficient.

Any queries regarding the agreement & practices will be clarified by the digital inclusion area co-ordinators.

For further information on either becoming a volunteer in your community, or if you know of someone who would like some assistance in getting online Please contact Janet Cresswell 07944708561 or

Our digital volunteers have their own resources section on this site giving them even more information – Have a look if you wish. – Click here



(Above)   Baroness Martha Lane Fox talking to John a NCDN Digital volunteer.

The Launch of the Money Go Round Project

(Above) – Joan a NCDN digital Volunteer helps launch the Money Go Round project) -News Post Leader 2013

(Below) Silver surfers are catching the digital wave.


Hexham Courant – 2014 – Click here 

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