Digital Volunteers resources

Our digital volunteers receive support and advice from NCDN helping them make the experience of  assisting people in their community enjoyable & rewarding for all.

We appreciate the assistance of our volunteers, and make the process of induction &  training as simple, friendly & relaxed as possible.

For Information about what a digital volunteer does – Click here


Q) I would like to be a digital volunteer but would like more information.

A) We would be pleased to discuss any aspect of the role in person or via telephone / e mail.

Please contact your digital inclusion area co-ordinator – Click here

Q) I now wish to become a volunteer so do I need to complete any registration form ?

A) NCDN is committed to keeping the administration to a minimum but as you appreciate we do need to keep some records.

Please complete the   volunteer registration form and return it to your area coordinator.

We will then follow this up and one of our area coordinators will meet up with you.

Q) Can I claim expenses as a digital volunteer?

A) Yes, we realise that our volunteers may occasionally incur expenses and we are pleased to provide them with financial support – e,g attending volunteer support sessions

Please check with your area coordinator to ensure that the expenses are authorised prior to incurring them.

Please complete & return the expenses form  to your coordinator a NCDN Volunteer expenses form

Q) I am now about to start helping a client – do I need to complete any paperwork ?

A) Again this is kept to the minimum, but we do need to know the basic details.

Please complete the Digital-Inclusion-client-registration-Sept 2015 with the client and send this onto your area coordinator.

It’s really useful to have their postcode and age bracket, and an idea of their current skills plus what they would like help with.

Q)How many sessions will I provide to each client ?

This is dependent upon individuals, but volunteers are there to help people get the basic digital skills, as described in the client registration form above,

We can all lose track of how much support has been provided and we have produced a Client session record form to assist.

Q) Where are the sessions held ?

A) A variety of places, e.g Community centres, Shops, Post offices, Libraries, Hotels.

If no obvious facilities are available your Co-ordinator may be able to help to identify a local premises.

You may find the booking form attached handy if the bookings are being taken by someone else – Session Booking form

Q) A client would like me to support him at his home, can I do this ?

A) We do not encourage this for a variety of reasons, including the fact that clients should be encouraged to socialise in a traditional sense.

If there are good reasons why the client can not attend a public session, such as being totally housebound please consult your area coordinator who will be able to advice on support available.

Q) My Client has some visual impairment, can I get any specialist advice ?

A) Yes, Please check out our website section for further information –Click here  or contact your area co-ordinator.

Q) Are there any online resources that the client can use to develop their skills & possibly work alone outside the sessions ? 

A) Yes, we ask volunteers to register their clients to ‘Learn my way’ provided by  ‘Tinder Foundation’.

This online course takes people through information about basic skills and gives them the chance to practice.

Once people are familiar with the keyboard and mouse, we are aiming for people to get through two more of the modules, which we see as a ‘completion.’

There are more sections available including NHS services, job hunting, looking after the pennies, and a lot more. It’s good to pick modules which are of particular interest to the learner.

Learn my way registration – Learn-my-way-handout Aug 15

*(Please use centre code 3451861 when prompted during the registration process)*

You may find it useful to give your client a copy of the above form so they have a record of their login details.

Additional information about ‘ Tinder Foundation’ can be found within this website – Click here

Learn my way courses show the clients progression, but if circumstances do not allow them to use the online course the assessment of basic online skills document is a good way of quickly showing progress being made. Please complete this form and send onto your area co-ordinator Assessment and Review form of client’s basic online skills (updated Oct 2014)

Q) What support can I expect to receive from NCDN ?

A) Your area coordinator will be able to provide you with any support or advice you may need, and as a minimum will get in touch with you once a month to see how you’re getting on.

In addition you can also join our NCDN Digital volunteers community blog where you can share best practice, seek advice or just chat to other volunteers about your role.

This is all in a private blog  – Click here 

There are also regular digital volunteer support sessions held in various parts of the County where you can meet up with other volunteers and get updates on ideas for helping people.

You may also wish to work with another volunteer and share your skills & knowledge.

We also have some IT equipment that you can borrow if needed.

Q)I would like to publicise the support available in my community, is there any material I can use ?

A) NCDN has produced a leaflet which you may use for this purpose.

NCDN Digital Project Flyer Sep 13

We also have a popular website &  various social media platforms as well as other resources, please contact your area coordinator if you feel these could help.

Q) Can I give a talk to a local group about basic digital skills support ?

A) That would be great, please contact your area coordinator to make them aware, they will be able to provide you with a copy a NCDN  presentation and also leaflets for you to consider using.

We have produced an attendance sheet for you to use. NCDN Group session attendance sheet

Please forward this onto your area coordinator when completed.

Q) Are there any specific projects or publicity programmes arranged ?

A) Occasionally we work with partners to target specific groups within the community, e.g Very rural communities, or a specific age group such as our ‘money go round’ project – Click here .

Sometimes we give talks to groups, which volunteers are welcome to help with.

We also regularly review the way we publicise our services.

Full contact details including those of the area co-ordinators can be found here – Click here  

– Thank you for making a big positive change to the lives of so many people within Northumberland.

If you have any issues that you would like to share about the way the project is run you are very welcome to get in touch directly with the project’s Coordinator, Julia Lyford on 07775 817544 or by email or by post to 33, West St, Belford NE70 7QB.