Support for disabled people

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Summary of Information on computer assistance for VIPs


Built-in to Windows

Ease of Access/Accessibility

Magnifier – full screen or docked (by default when using high contrast)

Visual Themes – high contrast (black background).

Mouse settings – pointer size, black or white, tails, speed.

Speech Recognition – via control panel (usable but not as effective as Dragon Naturally Speaking @ £40)

Other visual screen settings

Desktop icon Sizing – right click on desktop (large ,medium, small)

Screen Resolution – right click on desktop

Personalise – right click on desktop then –

window colour- advance appearance settings for detailed adjustments

desktop background – picture location for solid colours

Keyboard shortcuts

Windows has many built-in

Particularly useful –  Ctrl and + to magnify webpages (Ctrl and – to shrink)

Other software also has many built-in shortcuts

Software Free to Download

NVDA Screen reader (reads what is under pointer, also many other aids, best voice comes with svox pico voice synthesizer addon)

Thunder Screen Reader

WebbIE text only browser

Large mouse pointers-

Big mouse (

Enormouse (

Software To Purchase

Supernova Access Suite £695, Magnifier only – £220 (Dolphin)

JAWS screenreader £659, MAGic Magnifier £295  (Freedom Scientific)

Guide £495 (Dolphin)

Zoomtext £495 (AISquared)

Dragon Naturally Speaking £46 (Nuance)

Note- both Supernova and Guide can be downloaded and evaluated for 30days. JAWS can be downloaded and tried in 40min spells after restarting pc each time.


Large monitors (can add to laptop)

Trackball Mice

Large Key Keyboards, high contrast colour keys, key labels, key bumps

Tablets – Ipads with siri voice commands – Dictation

Websites  –  technology section  – for setting up pc

The Abilitynet website covers all aspects on how technology can help disabled persons. The My Computer My Way link above is specific to IT. info on equipment

Note – sometimes the hardware can be purchased at lower prices on the likes of Amazon rather than via specialised sites. (and remember VAT can often be claimed back (or not paid in the first place) for those registered blind)

* NCDN note – The above is provided for general information, and neither NCDN or NCBA can be held responsible for out of date information or advice given in above links. Please feel free to contact NCDN if you find any additional links you believe may assist, or comments about the above.

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