Learning Programme

NCDN offers a range of learning and support to people who want to be active in their communities. We also support other community organisations who want to accredit their learning programmes, by helping them set us systems for assessment, and using our approved provider status and experienced team to enable learners to get the accreditation they deserve.

If you enrol with us you will get extremely good value, access to online learning and resources and high quality tutors plus one-to-one support on a regular basis.

Our  programme includes:

Community Development Learning

Community development work takes place in a wide range of settings and with a wide range of people and concerns. It includes areas such as social inclusion, regeneration and community learning. It is about working alongside people in communities, building relationships with key people and organisations, enabling people to identify common concerns, and taking collective action.

Community development learning is aimed at all people who are involved in working with communities whether paid or unpaid. You may be working with local communities (e.g. a tenant or neighbourhood group) or communities with a shared common interest (e.g. by age, gender, ethnicity). Most community development workers are attached to voluntary organisations or non-governmental agencies, but you could also be working with local authorities perhaps in the area of community education.

Interested in gaining a qualification in community development or youth work?

To find out more about community development work and the national occupational standards that underpin it, visit www.fcdl.org.uk

NCDN is currently offering the Community Development Work Award at Level 2 and Level 3, and these can be extended to Certificates for learners who would like to take additional units. If you are interested please contact info@ncdn.org or ring 07775 817544.



Mentoring and Peer Mentoring Skills Training

We offer accredited courses tailored to suit the learners’ needs so they can develop the particular skills and knowledge appropriate to the mentoring role they will be taking on. We have trained women in probation, parents of young children, parents and carers of children with disabilities and migrant support group members.

Information Advice and Guidance

This is the recognised qualification for anyone wanting to help others move forward towards their career and other goals, and includes learning how to listen, signpost, advocate and network.

Steps to Employability, Training & Personal Development

NCDN uses this qualification to create personalised routes into accreditation, particularly people who are uncomfortable in a mainstream environment such as those with learning differences or previous experience of barriers to learning. The qualification is offered at Entry Level 3 to Level 2, and can include some core confidence building units to help with routes to employment, enterprise skills and skills for independent living, IT, and creative options.

Online Basics

Get recognition for taking part in NCDN’s digital inclusion programme.

For further information about these opportunities please contact Julia Lyford- julia@ncdn.org 07775 817544