Learning materials

The materials for the 2015/16 Level 3 Community Development Course 

Background Reading on Community Development


There’s a general summary of the history and context of community development at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_development

Another very comprehensive overview of community development work has been produced by the Federation for Community Development Learning (www.fcdl.org.uk ) called Community Work Skills Manual 2009 .  FCDL’s focus is on learning, and they have a lot more resources to download at http://www.fcdl.org.uk/publications/publications-for-download

Another useful organisation is the Community Development Foundation (http://www.cdf.org.uk) and the website has lots of useful articles and resources.

A couple of particular theories about community development that are currently used a lot are

In the group work unit we will be taking a quick look at some commonly used theories about how groups work, put forward by Belbin (see http://www.leadershipsolutions.co.nz/belbin.cfm)

and Tuckman (see https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_86.htm)

Induction Materials

Portfolio Organisation

NCDN Learner Complaints and Appeals

NCDN Learner Charter

Learning Action Plan

National Occupational Standards in Community Development

Guidance for the Level 2 and 3 Community Development Certificates

Unit One – Community Development Values and Processes

Community Development Level 3 Toolkit Oct 2015

Unit Two – Social Inequality Justice and Diversity in Communities

Participation Worksheet


Unit Three – Community Group Dynamics


40 icebreakers for small groups

Tuckman's theory diagram



Level 2 Community Development Award Materials

Unit One: Principles and Processes of Community Development

What does community mean to you worksheet 1a

Kinds of community Workshop 1b –

Worksheet 2a Key purpose of CD

Worksheet 2b Values of CD

Worksheet 3a Case Studies Community Development in Practice

Worksheet 3b The Process of Community Development

Worksheet 4 Community Skills Audit

Worksheet 5 Community Development NOS Key Areas and Standards Audit

Worksheet 6 Action Learning Plan

Worksheet 7 Learning Cycle Worksheet

Evaluation session 1

Evaluation session 2

Unit Two – The Development of Community Groups

Getting Groups off to a Good Start GPWS3

GP7 Understanding the Value of Autonomy and Independence Worksheet

Autonomy and Independence handout

Evaluation session 3

Unit Three – Social Inequality and Diversity within Communities

LARS Social Inequality and the Diversity in Communities L2

Lord & Lady of Haggerston Castle Worksheet 3

OK not OK worksheet 1

Participation Worksheet 2

Middle Managers Toolkit – From the Middle Out