Working in Partnership on Learning and Skills

NCDN hosts a web-based directory of information, shared by organisations and partner agencies, to provide each other with background about their track record and aspirations in relation to forthcoming funding opportunities for learning, skills and employability. To access the database please sign up by visiting this link

Once you are registered you can view partners’ details at

The information is relevant to a wide range of funds, where there is the potential for building partnerships between larger and smaller providers, or where it would just be helpful to know what other organisations can offer.

If you would like to participate in this information sharing exercise, and would like more information please email

NLEAP is the Northumberland Learning & Employability Access Partnership,

NLEAP is a partnership of over 200 community based organisations and partners who are active in supporting local people and communities through employability, skills and learning opportunities.

We organise occasional themed events, share information around the network, and host a web-based directory to enable us to know what each other are doing and to explore opportunities for collaboration.