Help shape a manifesto for the North East VCS

With the upcoming election next year VONNE is preparing a manifesto for the North East VCS and needs your help. At the VONNE AGM last month we asked attendees to tell us what they wanted to see in this manifesto and are opening it up to all our members. Please take a moment to take the survey online which also asks what should be VONNE’s priorities for the coming year. The deadline is Wednesday 14th January 2015. Take the survey at:

Human Rights Day

There are so many violations of human rights in the world that it’s difficult to know where to start, but the British Institute oof Human Rights is asking people to use Human Rights Day to think about human rights issues close to home.  It’s also important to add your voice to those who are campaigning to keep the human rights legislation which is now at risk.

NCDN’ Julia Lyford has also contributed to the BIHR blog at 16.50 today –

It would be great to know what your human rights priority is… can share in a range of ways….

• For tweeters, people can follow @BIHRhumanrights and re-tweet their messages through the day. It would be great if organisations in Northumberland could say what their priority human rights issue is, and share what they are doing to tackle it. It would be useful to include the following tags:#Northumberland, #HumanRightsDay #Everyday #CloseToHome

• For Facebookers, it would be good for people / organisations to ‘like’ the ‘BIHR Human Rights’ page and to comment on posts, again sharing their views on what the human rights priorities are for them, and celebrating their won work to tackle human rights issues.

• If people aren’t involved in social media, then they could email their contacts with the information about their issues and how to get involved, and with a link to the BIHR website page There’s also a joint letter published today about the future of human rights in the UK at
It would be great if people would also follow NCDN (@NCDNetwork) on Twitter or like our Facebook page (Northumberland Community Development Network) so that we can keep in touch in future.