Safer internet day 9/2/16

The internet is a great place to learn & also communicate with other people.

Shopping & banking online are now very popular.

It is very important that everyone stays safe whilst online,but unfortunately sometimes things go wrong.

Each year there is an international Safer Internet day when people are reminded about this subject.

This year it will be held on Tuesday 9th February – Click here



Social Skills and Making Friends Workshops

In It Together Parent Participation Network present:

Social Skills and Making Friends

A workshop for parents and carers of children/young people with additional needs.

 Trainers: Kath Lennon & Pauline Stavely, Specialist Teachers from the Northumberland LISTs (Locality Inclusion Support Teams) which provide educational support and advice

Sessions throughout the county targeting parents / carers of under and over 10s during early February.

Full info and how to book here –

Making friends workshop LIST